QUESTION: Pricey Mr Armstrong.
You beforehand talked about that the prospect for world battle 3 will come to play after 2027 … however these days you might be warning that these useless head’s within the west are pushing the world into world battle 3 proper now.
Is there a change within the timeline?
With a lot appreciation,

ANSWER:  The post-2024 interval seems to be a big world battle – all-in form of factor. However will even be intermixed with shortages in commodities due to additionally climate situations. At the moment, the Neocons who’ve management of the Biden Administration are completely insane. They’ve used an government order to do these sanctions bypassing Congress for so long as they don’t ship troops, they declare it’s not an official declaration of battle that ONLY Congress can concern. They’re exhibiting to the whole world that the very authoritarian regimes they hate, Russian and China, are exactly what they’re doing in america deliberately making an attempt to invoke battle which they totally perceive will NOT be sanctioned by Congress or the individuals.

The Neocons attempt to invoke patriotism so we observe no matter they are saying blindly when this isn’t a combat that’s within the nationwide curiosity. This can be a combat for his or her hatred and so they haven’t any downside spilling the blood of our kids as if this have been some board sport of battle that makes them really feel higher as a result of they defeated their enemy. These Neocons are HIGHLY harmful and they’re the explanation for battle and the tip of Western Civilization. They’re the actual menace to the nationwide safety and the way forward for our kids and grandchildren.

Their technique is taken proper out of the battle guide used throughout the FDR Administration. That is exactly what FDR did to get america into World Warfare II. He was pissed off as a result of Congress wouldn’t authorize becoming a member of the battle. When FDR went to Boston, the Irish lashed out at him saying that the British starved the Irish and so they have been no longer going to go defend them. Many individuals who fled Europe to America was to be freed from the hatred and politics in Europe. So it was NOT a well-liked concept of coming to the rescue of Europe which they fled.

The Neocons throughout the FDR Administration adopted a intelligent agenda to bypass Congress as they’re doing proper now. They have been racists and easily hated the Japanese as is the case with Russian proper now. They began in 1938 with a collection of escalating extremely restrictive commerce restrictions imposed on Japan. The Neocons terminated the 1911 business treaty with Japan in 1939. They then tightened the Export Management Act of 1940, which was supposed to forestall the shortage of vital commodities in a probable prewar surroundings. As well as, this Act was straight concentrating on Japan to limit the exportation of fabric to Imperial Japan.

This was adopted by america embargoed scrap-metal shipments to Japan and closed the Panama Canal to Japanese delivery. The Neocons have been looking for to isolate Japan with out participating in battle that solely Congress may declare Japan, on the time, imported about 74% of its scrap iron from the US and over 90% of its copper.

Then on July 26, 1941, the US seized all Japanese belongings in america in retaliation for the Japanese occupation of French Indo-China as they’ve finished at present with Russia’s reserves. This was adopted on August 1 with an oil embargo and gasoline exports to Japan which additionally got here from america. The oil embargo was the final straw when 80% of its vitality provide got here from the USA. The US additionally was proposing intervening to forestall Japan from getting oil from different sources.

The entire U.S. oil embargo was the final straw. The Japanese needed to then seize Southeast Asia for assets which expanded the battle as a substitute of the outdated hatred between China and Japan. They wanted to try this earlier than they ran out of assets. To safe themselves within the Pacific, they attacked Pearl Harbor with no intention of truly invading america.


The racism was extremely dominant in WWII and that led to the imprisonment of all Japanese regardless in the event that they have been born in America. The prjudice turned widespread and sadly, issues are following alongside the identical path. They’ve ERASED the title of the primary man in house altering historical past all as a result of is is only a Russian. The identical hatred is rising and this can be a very darkish signal for the long run.

BOTH sides have their Neocons and these individuals will manipulate society to realize their objectives. We’re simply the poawns on the chess board and so they have found their intelligent methods to create wars with sanctions which then instage the navy response as a result of the individuals themselves by no means wanty battle.


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