This morning CNN reported that US officers count on 240,000-340,000 illegals to storm throughout the open US southern border this month!

Border officers predict 8,000 apprehensions a day!

Biden and Kamala have COMPLETELY opened to the US border to anybody who can stroll throughout, get carried throughout, or can roll throughout the open border within the US.

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That is an invasion of historic proportions!

Steve Bannon went off on the information telling Hispanic voters, “These demon Democrats are out to destroy you and your loved ones!”

Steve Bannon: That is an invasion. Hey, you discover Joe Biden he’s over there at present within the Ukraine-Polish border. You aint seen him down there within the Rio Grande Valley. You haven’t seen him on the southern border he’d be booed like loopy. In all of his lies and misrepresentations, that is the primary article of impeachment on this man. He has initiated and exacerbated an invasion of our border of our beloved nation. And he’s over there sending one other billion for 100,000 refugees… They gained’t come and face the fact of what they’ve completed to this nation.

…Biden go to south Texas. Don’t ship Kamala Harris. She’s a catastrophe and a joke. And a brand new ebook says she moist herself once you gave her that project. She didn’t need it… You come! We’d like the President of america. The parents down there deserve you to return down there and face them. That’s what the working class calls for. Each Hispanic who can hear my voice when you vote for these demon Democrats they’re out to destroy you and your loved ones. Don’t take my phrase for it. Go right down to Del Rio, Texas!


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