President Trump was in peak type throughout his speech tonight in Commerce, Georgia.

At one level he identified the huge election fraud within the state within the 2020 election.

Trump additionally focused Democrats and Biden’s Inexperienced Power Czar John Kerry. As US gasoline costs proceed to rise to all-time file highs John Kerry continues to fly around the globe to necessary conferences on non-public jets to debate the significance of inexperienced vitality insurance policies for the West — as China and India get a whole move.

Trump roasted John Kerry saying, “You could have folks like John Kerry worrying about “The Local weather!” The local weather! Oh, I heard that the opposite day. Right here we’re, guys threatening us. He’s apprehensive in regards to the ocean will rise 1/a centesimal of 1% within the subsequent 300 f*cking 12 months.”

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The viewers roared!

No one likes a lecturing fool like John Kerry.

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