COMMENT #1: Thanks for attempting to inform the reality about Zelensky. He isn’t defending his personal individuals. We elected him as a result of he promised the other. Why does the West solely take heed to this traitor?


COMMENT #2: “Zelensky sacrificing his personal individuals” ? Appears to me that psychotic dictator within the Kremlin has bought that every one sewn up. Counsel you modify your treatment


REPLY: That is clearly a conflict in opposition to Russia and it has been the dream of the Neocons. It’s laborious to think about why Zelensky is placing his total nation in danger over merely honoring the Minsk Settlement and lettering the Donbas to vote on their separation.  Zelensky has been part of the corruption – all Ukrainians thought they have been eliminating little question. Zelensky has been changed into a global celebrity and he loves it whereas cashing in. These individuals desperately attempting to create World Warfare III, needed to appoint Zelensky for the Nobel Peace Prize for refusing to barter in good religion? In the meantime, Biden will NOT inform People why Ukraine matters. All he does is say Putin is evil. How does that have an effect on People at house?

There isn’t any query that the U.S. Central Intelligence Company (CIA) is and has been working to create and arm an insurgency in Ukraine as a result of it’s on the very border with Russia and has been the gateway for all historic invasions of Russia due to the flat terrain – i.e. Hitler and Napoleon.

The CIA is following the identical “fashions” of previous CIA-backed insurgencies in Afghanistan and Syria in Ukraine. Provided that these international locations have been ravaged by conflict as a direct results of these insurgencies, this has solely fueled the civil conflict in Ukraine since 2014. No person seems on the risks of arming the Nazis of Ukraine simply as we did with the Taliban in opposition to Russia that backfired. The opposition to Zelensky in Ukraine is ignored, blacked out, and canceled for Western pursuits. They’ve mentioned:

“We, leaders of Ukrainian political events and public organizations which have joined collectively within the
Nationwide Resistance Entrance in opposition to the Eurocolonization of Ukraine, demand that the leaders of the EU and
NATO, in addition to officers from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and others, cease their interference within the inside
affairs of Ukraine and never incite civil conflict in Ukraine alongside Ukrainian neo-Nazis.”

Zelensky Opposition

The rhetoric is outrageous. Biden has referred to as Putin a war criminal and now a Butcher. It is a signal that the US needs conflict and has no intention of in search of peace. No head of state assaults the opposite on this method for such phrases can’t be taken again. They replicate intention and Putin absolutely understands. They’re utilizing the exact same ways in opposition to Donald Trump to stop him from working in opposition to in 2024 calling him also a criminal. They’re holding the headlines stuffed with Ukraine whereas they’re secreting imposing a complete authoritarian regime right here within the West with their digital IDs to regulate our motion.

What’s happening is an outrageous marketing campaign in opposition to the Russian individuals themselves – not simply Putin or the Russian state. It’s harking back to how the Japanese have been handled in america throughout World Warfare II – imprisoned primarily based on their ethnicity. The place is the Russian Lives Matter? Not solely has the Czech seized all property of ethnic Russian residing within the Czech Republic, not Switzerland in becoming a member of in. They’ve even altered historical past eradicating  Yuri Gagarin from being the primary man in area as a result of he’s Russian. He died in 1968. What does he should do with Ukraine? That is NOT in opposition to simply Putin. That is telling all of Russia you might be scum and the West will annihilate you.



You might be NOT going to observe this conflict unfold on CNN and cheer each Russian killed. Maybe you must take a look at the simulation of war with Russia. And that isn’t making an allowance for the brand new first-strike weapons which might be supersonic. Nor does this embody a simultaneous assault between China and Russia in opposition to the West. So when you all cheer Zelensky, and take the time to write down hate mail to me, how about holding an open thoughts, understand they’re twisting your individual views to get us right into a conflict that you’ll say oh shit on the finish of your time.

How about writing to Congress as an alternative of blindly supporting Zelensky. They’re even placing him on the Oscars to promote World Warfare III. Zelensky may conform to the phrases of Putin that are very cheap and restricted. However no – he’s advised to push the world into conflict all for the Neocons pulling his strings. Don’t fear. You’ll get your want – World Warfare III is coming and 2023 is not going to look very fairly.

Biden tells everybody not to fear nuclear war, whereas to is utilizing the Doomsday 747 simply in case. I’m sorry, I hate to have to write down these things. However until the individuals write to their consultant governments, contemplate migrating south.





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