Tucker Carlson instructed his viewers that nobody else would save the appropriate until Elon Musk got here to their rescue and acquired Twitter.

Video clip of Carlson:

Carlson stated, “Is it unhappy that we’re all determined for Elon Musk to save lots of us? Sure, it’s, however who else goes to save lots of us? No person at this level.”

What’s Musk saving the appropriate from?

In the identical section, Carlson stated that  Elon Musk is saving free speech. Carlson claimed that Twitter is being run by censorship and propaganda.

Carlson glorified Musk as utilizing “his personal cash to permit People to talk freely.”

The First Modification solely applies to criticism of the federal government. What Tucker Carlson means by free speech is the unchecked capability to unfold lies, propaganda, and misinformation.

Tucker Carlson then claimed that “company media” hates this deal.

Tucker Carlson is the company media. He’s on the top-rated cable community because the top-rated host.

It doesn’t get any extra company media than Tucker Carlson.

A rich frozen meals fortune inheritor is begging the richest man on this planet to purchase Twitter in order that limitless hate speech might be unfold.

Tucker Carlson begged Musk to purchase Twitter as a result of if social media platforms restrict hate speech and disinformation, individuals like Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson may have no future.


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