Republicans have lengthy been the social gathering of back-seat drivers.

There’s a noticeable lack of precise coverage options within the Republican Occasion’s platform. What they’re working on in 2022 is comprised of (largely manufactured) tradition battle villains and finger pointing blame. What’s missing is what has lengthy been missing – the place’s the answer?

It’s referred to as working on anger, which explains why Republicans have been working so laborious in charge President Biden for surging fuel costs (despite the fact that the president actually doesn’t management fuel costs, though there are just a few very progressive issues he might do that may utterly outrage Republicans and their huge particular curiosity donors on Huge Oil) and inflation, topped off with common outrage about an evolving tradition that’s abandoning their base of previous white males and their white, second class citizen wives.

Lawrence O’Donnell pointed this out Saturday morning over a Fox Information clip whining about “wokers” hating Mr. Potatohead (in case you had been involved concerning the relevancy of their complaints):

“The Biden Admin is being run by a bunch of wokers. It’s simple to acknowledge the wokers. They hate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potatohead. The wokers additionally hate America, and so they wish to beat the crap out of it.”

The MSNBC host has some extent. Let’s dive into the details.

The RNC Analysis workforce has been busy pushing their typically false or exaggerated complaints about President Biden from inflation to Obamacare to fuel costs, however one factor that’s lacking is what they’d do otherwise.

We’d like solely recall the Republican resolution to Obamacare — oh, wait, there wasn’t one. Till their try at “Trumpcare.” Republicans had lengthy been working to do away with inexpensive healthcare and free wellness visits and caps on insurance coverage firm’s earnings and… Let Them Eat Cake? We all know not. Till Trump, once they determined to attempt to take again the “Obamacare” identify – the very identify that they had given the Reasonably priced Healthcare Act in an try and smear it, by developing with their very own plan handed within the Home, which in fact didn’t mandate huge corporations provide insurance coverage protection.

We solely know their base has been conditioned to froth on the mouth once they hear “Obamacare,” despite the fact that in fact lots of them are on it and all of us profit from the legal guidelines ruling insurance coverage corporations, despite the fact that they had been undermined by the Trump administration.

Talking of, the Trump administration’s efforts to sabotage Obamacare are one motive prices have gone up for insurance coverage – one thing that the RNC blames Biden for.

The Brookings Institute used the phrase sabotage to explain Trump’s actions concerning his extremely popular predecessor’s signature achievement and so they clarify why: “Webster’s defines ‘sabotage’ as efforts to foster ‘destruction and obstruction’ and to ’trigger the failure of one thing.’ Within the context of the executive presidency, it displays a dedication to program emasculation and termination by means of govt motion. As such, it sharply departs from the constitutional requirement that the president ‘take care that the legal guidelines be faithfully executed.’”

The Congressional Budget Office decided in Might of 2019 (simply in need of a 12 months earlier than a worldwide pandemic would make having insurance coverage entry very important), “Will increase in medical health insurance premiums and the elimination of the person mandate penalty have contributed to” the rise within the uninsurance price.”

CAP explains “Thousands and thousands of Individuals misplaced protection earlier than and through the pandemic,” because of the Trump administration.

The conservative Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal wrote a number of days in the past that inflation “It typically outcomes from an excessive amount of demand chasing too few items.” It’s referred to as a worldwide pandemic and ongoing provide chain shortages. The Journal concludes there are two elements driving up inflation, “Pandemic-related forces, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have pushed up inflation to highest stage in 4 many years.” They warn, “The causes are myriad, and the instruments normally deployed to tame value pressures can, in some situations, push the economic system right into a recession.” Inflation is a problem, and one President Biden’s administration should deal with fastidiously with a view to handle the worth inflation hitting Individuals whereas keeping track of indicators of a recession. Even the Journal notes that there’s additionally the problem “with some corporations seizing on a uncommon alternative to lift costs”; i.e. company greed.

Company greed isn’t a problem Republicans are wont to deal with, not to mention in a position to handle. Our complete political system has been taken over by firms and with Residents United opening secret doorways to darkish cash, firms and their house owners and international governments can and do shovel cash into prepared political arms. Republicans pushed for this and defend it, though now each events take part (it needs to be famous that if Democrats didn’t take part, they’d not be viable candidates, which fits again to how deeply this abusive, anti-democratic company takeover is entrenched in our fledgling democracy).

I wrote about this in March because the fuel costs rose through the Russian assault on Ukraine: If Republicans really cared about gas prices, they could do something about it. “Republicans have been wailing a lot about greater fuel costs by some means being the President’s fault, and but as legislators, they’ve the ability to truly do one thing about these excessive costs, whereas the President doesn’t.”

Reminder: “Huge Oil raked in enormous earnings in 2021 and is placing that cash into their CEO salaries and shoveling it again to (maybe more and more unenthusiastic) shareholders, as traders had been already soured on the Oil and Fuel business approach earlier than Biden took workplace.”

Republicans have performed nothing about excessive fuel costs, and so they wouldn’t dare. “If Republicans actually cared about excessive fuel costs, they’d inform their most devoted donors within the oil and fuel business to cease value gouging Individuals and perhaps even put forth laws to cross a windfall tax on Huge Oil, as an alternative of blaming Biden for one thing over which he has little or no precise management.”

None of those details matter, although, in relation to how Republicans marketing campaign. Enter the Anti-Woke tradition battle and the customarily absurd Villains.

Dr. Seuss, Disney, Mr. Potato Head, nobody is immune from accusations of waging a Woke tradition battle on Republicans. Fox repeatedly drums into their viewers’ minds the concept that the Woke Left “hates” them. The Woke Left even “hates” George Washington, Thomas Jefferson! My goodness, do you could hear extra to conclude that the Woke Left is your enemy?

In all probability not! And what does a longtime enemy do for a celebration bereft of insurance policies to draw their base of voters, who aren’t by and huge the 1%, however are satisfied to vote to offer the 1% welfare each election? Fixed fear-mongering about The Enemy. It may be deceptive claims a couple of caravan, brown folks bringing Covid to white folks (who refuse to vax and masks, which implies they’re the precise spreaders of Covid), and now… Woke Tradition.

Woke tradition does work with the Republican base, and it really works with Trumpers and it infiltrates down into younger folks listening to this from the offended, entitled and sometimes ignorant males they’re provided as true geniuses. Simply the opposite day a younger lady lectured me concerning the risks of Wokeness, getting caught in a convoluted morass of speaking factors that went nowhere, however she was fairly upset by all of it. It had the identical fever because the 2016 Fb scrolling white folks warning (wrongly, in fact) about Hillary’s pizza parlor.

Is it threatening to some white folks to be instructed they need to respect the need of girls and minorities for equal rights? I’m certain it’s, however how a lot of that concern and rage is being intentionally stoked by Proper wing media and Republicans and the way a lot is natural? It’s a surprise that Black folks’s want to not be shot for present is so problematic for a section of white folks. What in the event that they had been being led by means of this cultural change with an empathetic lens, as an alternative of the fixed hate-mongering of Proper wing media?

It was once that the 2 sides disagreed on coverage options, however not actuality. And it was once that even Republicans would urge empathy when push got here to shove. Now they’ve morphed right into a distorted model of their prior social gathering, one identifiable by its blustering, wrathful histrionics that rinse and repeat a barrage of fallacious private assaults towards the Democrats with a view to deflect their very own lack of argument, together with “Leftist, Commie, AOC!, Woke!”

The Huge Drama Present is supposed to distract and divert from the details. As details come nearer, the ire will get louder.

Feelings win elections. Republicans know this, and on account of social media and an ill-prepared information media clinging to “either side” objectivity beliefs which were efficiently weaponized by the Republican Occasion, Republicans don’t want precise insurance policies to win elections.

Democrats are over in a single nook with so many insurance policies and govt adjustments to assist Individuals that I can’t see how they ever inform folks about what they’re really doing. It will be a lot simpler to run on The Enemy. And for Democrats, that may really be truthful, as Republicans (incited from the highest down, and The Name Got here From Contained in the White Home) attacked our Capitol in an act of home terrorism and tried to overturn a safe, protected, democratic election.

However Democrats cling to the old school concept that in case you do good issues for The Individuals, they’ll vote for you.

And so we have now the Empty Coverage Occasion working towards typically exaggerated and even made up Villains. It will be a great signal for democracy if the press would interrupt Republicans in the course of their Pricey Diary hysteria over made up points to ask them what and the way they plan to deal with the problems over which they’re pointing fingers.

What we have now right here is a celebration based mostly on spittle-inducing advert hominem assaults. The social gathering of backseat driving infants, pointing their fingers and providing no concepts to truly assist folks.


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