Rand Paul ignored appeals from each Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell to cease blocking emergency support to Ukraine.

Steven Dennis tweeted:

Dennis identified that it doesn’t matter if 99 Senators favor rapidly passing the invoice with unanimous consent. In accordance with the Senate guidelines, it takes all 100 senators to rapidly move laws.

If Paul goes to vote in opposition to the invoice anyway, due to bogus debt/inflation issues, which support to Ukraine has nothing to do with inflation, then why is making the Senate needlessly leap by means of hoops?

The reply is as a result of he can.

The Senate isn’t damaged.

The Senate guidelines are damaged

Democrats want to select up a Senate seat or two in November it doesn’t matter what occurs within the Home in order that they’ll repair the Senate guidelines by getting rid of the present filibuster and the facility of 1 senator to wreck the entire physique with out having to do something.

Rand Paul shouldn’t have the unilateral power to harm Ukraine, as a result of he appears to be on the aspect of Putin.


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