Texas Gov. Greg Abbott demanded that Biden cease offering child formulation to migrant infants in US custody on the border.

Abbott said in a press release:

Youngsters are our most susceptible, valuable Texans and need to be put first. But, President Biden has turned a blind eye to oldsters throughout America who’re going through the nightmare of a nationwide child formulation scarcity. Whereas moms and dads stare at empty grocery retailer cabinets in a panic, the Biden Administration is comfortable to supply child formulation to unlawful immigrants coming throughout our southern border.

That is yet one more one in a protracted line of reckless, out-of-touch priorities from the Biden Administration on the subject of securing our border and defending People. Our youngsters deserve a president who places their wants and survival first – not one who offers essential provides to unlawful immigrants earlier than the very individuals he took an oath to serve.

Starve the infants whereas taking away abortion rights is what Republicans imply by pro-life. Gov. Abbott doesn’t recommend what President Biden ought to do with all the infants that can not be fed.

Republicans don’t have any actual plan. It’s simply nothing however an countless spewing of hare-brained anger meant to divide the nation. It doesn’t matter to them that starve the infants isn’t a profitable political message to about 70% of the nation.

 Republicans want to take away the right to choose, then take away the best to meals.


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