The remaining bits of the trucker convoy have been gripped by discontent as their chief was present in a luxurious spa.

Zachary Petrizzo of The Each day Beast tweeted:

It has been a troublesome few days for the remaining truckers. They arrived hungry in Bunker Hill, WV anticipated {that a} 100-foot Subway sub that had been promised to them would arrive, solely to search out out that the sub was a hoax and there could be no free meals for his or her Qanon believing bellies.

The remaining truckers are Qanon believes who assume COVID is a canopy story for a authorities youngster trafficking ring.

These are individuals who have precise votes within the midterm election. The truckers are an instance of why it’s important to get as many individuals to vote as attainable as a result of for each well-thought-out poll solid, there could be somebody who believes that the pandemic is a canopy story for a kid trafficking ring.

The truckers are in all probability this near turning into vagrants.

Republicans had such high hopes that the truckers would shut down Washington, DC, and the Super Bowl, and as an alternative, what they obtained had been 20 or so Qanon followers with a frontrunner who likes luxurious spas and Subway.


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