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A brand new birding information for central bankers

Brendan Greeley is an FT contributing editor. Mark Blyth is a professor of worldwide economics at Brown College. 

A profile of Christine Lagarde this week famous that the top of the European Central Financial institution doesn’t like to think about herself as a hawk or a dove, however a considerate owl.

This sounded acquainted to us, and with a little analysis we discovered that Kazuo Ueda, the brand new governor on the Financial institution of Japan, has additionally been described as an owl. Raghuram Rajan, former head of the Reserve Financial institution of India, has referred to himself as an owl, as has Loretta Mester, president of the Federal Reserve Financial institution of Cleveland. 

Accordingly, we not really feel that owl is an efficient approach to describe a central banker. Who doesn’t need to be an owl? Each policymaker should, of their hearts, consider themselves to be an owl. However they’ll’t all be clever and prudent, adaptive to each new financial regime. “Hawk” and “dove,” too, have by no means fully captured the richness of kingdom animalia, phylum chordata, class central banker.

Within the curiosity of more practical central financial institution communications, we did some ornithological analysis, and put collectively what we really feel is a extra helpful taxonomy.

We might by no means want to hyperlink any explicit central bankers, or the establishments that they signify, to entries in our hen log. However maybe some will recognise their very own plumage. Or maybe you could possibly tell us which species we’ve missed?

Bald eagles are equally at residence in each freshwater and saltwater economics. They soar majestically and generally even catch fish, however feed frequently on trash heaps, and might turn into aggressive when approached. 

Cranes migrate over massive areas and are at residence on each continent. They seem seasonally for speeches and breeding. Their trumpeting name carries over the freshwater marsh as they search for mates. Nobody fairly is aware of what they’re for.


Golden eagles are the raptors that Bald Eagles need to be and fake to be at tutorial conferences. They take down prairie canine and generally even prey as massive as a crane. The core inhabitants hunts, trustworthy to God, within the mountains round Jackson Gap, Wyoming. 

Passenger pigeons lived in the USA. Like greenbackers and the free silver motion, they ranged throughout upstate New York and the Nice Lakes area. They had been docile, dovish and too tasty to dwell. Hunted to extinction. 

The service pigeon is ubiquitous and clueless. It as soon as performed an efficient position in communications, however now it simply poops all around the oped pages of the monetary press.

Emus are odd birds. They appear to be cobbled collectively from very completely different animals. They flap their vestigial wings when working, and consider they’ve the ability of flight and macroeconomic modelling. 

Crows are noisy and transfer with the flock. They dwell off the carrion of more practical predators. 

Ravens are larger, smarter crows. They dwell in a tower and love literary allusions, however they’re simply crows. 


Kiwis are small, fragile and dwell on the bottom, under two % inflation. They make simple prey for invasive species. 

The swan is gorgeous, serene on the water however vicious on the assault. All swans belong to the King, and due to this fact all swans are Tories. They’re usually present in moats, defending landed capital. 

The magpie is extremely clever and interested in shiny, barbarous relics. They’ll mimic the sound of a human voice and can use contractionary insurance policies to eat the younger of different species.

The albatross lives aloft, within the salty air of the ocean, all the time in search of doom. It would alight within the rigging and tempt you, however don’t shoot it, mariner, or you’ll be cursed to repeat its predictions to others till the tip of your days. 

Ostriches hold their head within the sand, oblivious to the indications round them. They are going to let you know they’re simply fastidiously turning their huge eggs in nests on the bottom, however everyone knows what’s actually happening. Don’t method the ostrich. It would kill you. 



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