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Chuck the Cuck: The Shabbos-Goy Charles III Will Be A Worthy Successor to his Mom Elizabeth the Evil, by Tobias Langdon

This text can be delivered to you by the letter “M.” It can characteristic meteor-malefactors, malign monarchs, and ethical masturbation. First up: meteor-malefactors. That’s the time period I give to criminals whose severe misdeeds flash by way of the media like a meteor earlier than disappearing into oblivion. Why does this occur? It’s quite simple: as a result of meteor-malefactors reveal the poisonous reality reasonably than reinforcing leftist lies. Let’s take a look at two of the worst crimes ever dedicated on British soil. They concerned the extended struggling and exceptionally brutal murders of schoolchildren. And so they had been impressed by two types of hate that leftists fake to take very, very severely: misogyny and racism.

Mary-Ann Leneghan and Kriss Donald, White victims of non-White savagery

However the murders of Mary-Ann Leneghan and Kriss Donald had been forgotten way back by the leftist media. This may appear puzzling, when you think about, for instance, that Mary-Ann Leneghan was the sufferer of a gang of vilely misogynistic males whose crimes had been supremely horrible examples of rape-culture and patriarchal barbarism:

[The surviving victim] described how she and Mary-Ann [Leneghan], her pal of 10 years, had been kidnapped and compelled into the boot of a automobile as they sat within the automobile park of the Wallingford Arms in Studying, Berkshire on Might 6 final yr [2005]. She mentioned they had been taken to Room 19 of Abbey Home Lodge within the metropolis the place they had been crushed with a metallic pole, ordered to strip, pressured to carry out oral intercourse, raped, and had boiling sugared water thrown on them.

She mentioned the pair had been proven weapons and a knife, continuously informed they had been going to be killed and heard that they’d be taken to Prospect Park in Studying. Throughout the first day she hardly flinched as she recounted the graphic particulars with out being hidden by a display. However immediately she wept as she informed how, as she was raped by a person carrying white jogging bottoms, one other man mentioned: “We’re able to go now, let’s depart these bitches now, come on let’s do it.”

She informed the jury that she understood this phrase to imply “the ultimate stage, that we had been going to die, that they had been going to kill us.” She mentioned she, along with Mary-Ann, was taken out of the boot of the automobile and compelled, stumbling and wiping blood from her head, throughout the park. She mentioned the pair had been ordered to kneel on the bottom facet by facet and had been informed to place pillow instances over their heads by two males, one carrying a bandana over the decrease half of his face and the person with the white jogging bottoms.

With the six defendants simply ft away Mary-Ann’s father sat along with his hand over the mouth because the woman continued. Requested by prosecutor Richard Latham QC, what occurred subsequent she paused for round 30 seconds earlier than wanting straight forward on the jury and saying “she [Mary-Ann Leneghan] was stabbed”. The courtroom was informed that the knife-man had been the person with the bandana and requested the place on Mary-Ann’s physique the person had put the knife she mentioned: “Her higher physique, her chest, her breasts, every part. She was asking ‘please not there, please not there’ no matter space she was referring to, and crying and pleading,” she mentioned.

She informed how the person with the bandana acquired indignant saying phrases to the impact of “shut up”. She mentioned that Mary-Ann then fell in a ball on the bottom however the stabbing didn’t cease. “He acquired extra indignant as a result of she wouldn’t sit up, he was telling her to sit down up as a result of he needed to slit her throat. … He was stabbing after which she fell,” she mentioned. “They mentioned one thing about wanting her to die slowly,” she added, earlier than she broke down in tears. … (Pal weeps over Mary-Ann homicide, The Each day Mail, twentieth January 2006)

Rapists, torturers, murderers: the energetic enrichers who killed Mary-Ann Leneghan

Rapists, torturers, murderers: the energetic enrichers who killed Mary-Ann Leneghan

In 1993 an unfortunate, mercifully fast and really uncommon homicide was dedicated by a gang of “white racists” in opposition to an unpleasant Black schoolboy known as Stephen Lawrence. Ever since then, the homicide has been endlessly revisited by leftists in articles, editorials, documentaries, dramas, and educational research. In 2018 the ugly shabbos shiksa Theresa Might added Stephen Lawrence Day to Britain’s official calendar. However the far worse homicide of Mary-Ann Leneghan — which was extended, premeditated and viciously sadistic — was swiftly forgotten by leftists.

Why so? Nicely, her homicide was excellent for the creation of a leftist martyr-cult apart from one factor: she and her rapist-murderers had been the flawed colour. She was White and her rapist-murderers consisted of 5 Blacks and one Albanian “asylum-seeker.” In different phrases, in contrast to the homicide of Stephen Lawrence, her homicide couldn’t be used to advertise the leftist lie that villainous Whites are a continuing menace to the lives and well-being of virtuous non-Whites. Quite the opposite, it revealed the reality: that non-Whites, and Blacks particularly, commit way more and much worse violence in opposition to Whites than vice versa, even when these non-Whites are nonetheless far fewer in quantity than Whites. That’s why the Black savages who tortured and killed Mary-Ann Leneghan had been meteor-malefactors. Their horrible crimes flashed by way of the leftist media after which vanished endlessly.

Singh One thing Easy

So did the horrible crimes of the Pakistani Muslim gang that kidnapped, set on fireplace, and stabbed to dying the fifteen-year-old Scottish schoolboy Kriss Donald, who died for no different motive than that he was White. It was one other meteor-murder dedicated by extra meteor-malefactors, as a result of it couldn’t be used to advertise the leftist lie of White villainy and non-White advantage. However criminals don’t need to commit horrific crimes like these to be despatched into oblivion by the left. Let’s transfer from the sickening to the ridiculous and meet one other meteor-malefactor: an ethnic enricher known as Jaswant Singh Chail. Fortunately for the left, he didn’t reach killing the aged White lady he needed to kill. If he had succeeded, even the left wouldn’t have been in a position to ship the homicide into speedy oblivion. It is because the aged White lady in query was known as Queen Elizabeth II. On Christmas Day 2021, the bumbling and incompetent Chail tried to enter Windsor Citadel and kill her with a crossbow. In a video he recorded beforehand, he introduced: “I’ll try to assassinate Elizabeth, Queen of the Royal Household. That is revenge for many who have died within the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh bloodbath. It is usually revenge for many who have been killed, humiliated and discriminated on due to their race.”

Jaswant Singh Chail, the wannabe anti-racist avenger and assassin of Queen Elizabeth II

Jaswant Singh Chail, the wannabe anti-racist avenger and murderer of Queen Elizabeth II

If Chail had succeeded in assassinating the Queen, the left may need needed to face some uncomfortable questions on the best way it incites non-Whites into violence in opposition to Whites with fixed mendacity propaganda about “racism.” He didn’t succeed and so the left turned him right into a meteor-malefactor. However then so did the cuckservative proper, as a result of Chail’s misdeeds additionally uncovered their lies. If he’d been a Muslim, I’m positive that conmen like Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray would have given much more publicity to what he tried to do. However Chail is a Sikh, member of a so-called mannequin minority, so he uncovered a reality that conmen and cuckservatives don’t need to face: that each one non-Whites are dangerous for the West. Sure, some teams are a lot worse than others, however none of them ought to be right here and all of them are being utilized by the left and its Jewish generals of their conflict on the West.

Waging conflict on Whites

And of their conflict on the White working-class. Which brings me to some attention-grabbing particulars in Chail’s farcical try on the Queen’s life:

He was noticed by a royal safety officer in a personal part of the fortress grounds simply after 08:10 GMT on 25 December 2021. The officer was at a gate, resulting in the monarch’s non-public flats. Chail, who was unemployed on the time however had labored for the Co-op grocery store, had climbed into the grounds utilizing a nylon rope ladder, and had already been there for about two hours.

He was carrying a hood and a masks, and was described as “like one thing out of a vigilante film”. The officer took out his Taser, and requested him: “Morning, can I assist, mate?” Chail replied: “I’m right here to kill the Queen.” The safety officer instantly informed Chail to drop the crossbow, get on his knees, and put his fingers on his head. Chail complied after which mentioned once more: “I’m right here to kill the Queen.” (Man admits treason cost over Queen crossbow menace, BBC Information, third February 2023)

The royal safety officer used the language of the White working-class, in all probability as a result of he’s a member of the White working-class. Both manner, he and his comrades had been little question more than happy with the cool {and professional} manner he responded to that menace to the monarch whom he had sworn to serve and shield. But when the officer had actually understood the political state of affairs in Britain, he would have realized that his oaths had been rendered null and void by the Queen’s personal conduct. After Chail mentioned, “I’m right here to kill the Queen,” the officer ought to have mentioned: “Be my visitor, mate” after which guided him to his goal.

Assassination by the hands of a deranged non-White would have been not more than Elizabeth II deserved for her decades-long betrayal of her folks, her nation, and her faith. As I identified in my article “Elizabeth the Evil,” she was no nice mind however she performed to perfection the function of judas-goat, serving as a figurehead of false continuity and calm as Britain was led into the slaughterhouse by Jews and leftists. She was a malign monarch, betraying her coronation oaths as, decade after decade, violent and harmful non-Whites with alien faiths flooded in to prey on and parasitize her White topics. Elizabeth II was a traitor, sitting comfortably in luxurious palaces underneath 24-hour safety as White women had been raped by Muslims in Rotherham and aged White ladies had been raped by a gerontophile Black in London. However these rapes, horrible as they’ve been, represent solely a tiny fraction of the violence and distress inflicted on Whites by non-Whites because the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.

War on Whites: how non-White savagery is concealed by the Judeo-leftist media

Struggle on Whites: how non-White savagery is hid by the Judeo-leftist media

Now Britain is making ready for the coronation of a brand new monarch and a brand new traitor. He’s formally often known as Charles III, however I choose to name him Chuck the Cuck. Like his mom, he has lived in luxurious, decade after decade, and executed nothing to defend his White topics or Christianity in opposition to the predation of non-Whites and their alien religions. Certainly, he’s surpassed her in groveling allegiance to the ideology of minority worship created and enforced by Jews. She was a shabbos shiksa and he’s a shabbos goy. As Israel Shahak identified in his fascinating (and disturbing) e-book Jewish Historical past, Jewish Faith: The Weight of Three Thousand Years (1994), Jews have historically adopted a rule of unrelenting hostility and disdain in the direction of gentiles. However that rule is suspended within the case of kings and different highly effective figures who could be helpful for Jews. And so Chuck the Cuck has been showered with sycophancy by Britain’s Jews, however has been too silly to know that it’s self-serving, not honest. He’s additionally been unable to learn the dire warnings of historical past. It’s completely potential that the Jews who funded Oliver Cromwell had been answerable for the execution of Chuck the Cuck’s ancestor Charles I in 1649. It will have been Jewish vengeance for his or her expulsion from England in 1290 by Edward I, who favored defending his Christian topics over pandering to gold-hungry Jews.

Chuck the Cuck is guided by Jews

Chuck the Cuck is guided by Jews

Jews had been actually answerable for dying of Chuck the Cuck’s relative Tsar Nicholas II, who was slaughtered along with his spouse and kids by the Bolsheviks in 1918. The Bolshevik authorities was dominated by Jews and the chief executioner of the Romanov household was a Jew known as Yakov Yurosky. If Chuck the Cuck misplaced his energy and symbolical significance, he would quickly see the real Jewish perspective in the direction of goyim. As it’s, he basks in Jewish sycophancy and steadfastly follows an anti-White Jewish agenda of minority-worship. Chuck the Cuck isn’t purported to intervene in politics, however he ignores that rule when he has narcissism to feed and advantage to sign. The current Conservative authorities has just lately begun pretending that it is able to get powerful concerning the limitless circulation of principally younger and principally male migrants illegally crossing the English Channel in small boats. That is how Chuck the Cuck has responded:

King Charles meets former refugees from Sudanese group

The King informed former refugees who escaped by boat to Europe from the Darfur genocide: “I’m so glad you’re protected right here.” On Wednesday Charles met accountants, NHS consultants and charity employees who’ve made a brand new life within the UK. Sudanese activist Amouna Adam invited him to fulfill her group when the pair met on Holocaust Memorial Day. […] The occasion, organised by the Holocaust Memorial Day Belief and the human rights organisation Waging Peace, was held at a central London venue used for occasions by the UK’s Sudanese group. Addressing the women and men who fled the mass killings, the King mentioned: “It’s been a really particular go to for me, I can guarantee you. It’s been such a pleasure to fulfill you all — I’m so glad you’re protected right here.” (King Charles meets former refugees from Sudanese group, BBC Information, fifteenth March 2023)

Chuck the Cuck will be “glad” about Black Sudanese invading Britain as a result of he doesn’t need to pay the prices of their presence. That’s why I hope to see him placed on trial in the future and face questions on an unusual White lady who has needed to pay the price of the Sudanese presence:

A savage from Sudan: the energetic enricher Zakarya Etarghi

‘Savage’ rapist Zakarya Etarghi has been given a life sentence with a minimal of 18 years after shattering his sufferer’s cranium and leaving her for lifeless close to a youngsters’s play park. The 24-year-old attacked a lady in her 50s at a public park in Leicester, East Midlands, after a cocaine and alcohol binge.

Right now he was jailed at Leicester Crown Court docket after being convicted of rape and tried homicide on March 7. … Constructing-site employee Etarghi attacked his ‘susceptible’ sufferer and left her with horrific life-changing accidents together with a ‘shattered’ cranium and bleeding to the mind.

However a member of the general public discovered her with head accidents on the park following what prosecutor William Harbage QC beforehand informed the jury was a ‘brutal’ and ‘appalling’ assault. … Regardless of the proof in opposition to him, Etarghi, who was born in Sudan, denied the offences — saying another person should have carried out the assault.

Choose Nicholas Dean QC mentioned his sufferer was ‘fortunate to be alive’ after being ‘attacked in a most brutal manner’ when she met Etarghi within the playground — with proof suggesting a weapon of some form had been used. … The decide mentioned he had ‘no hesitation’ in concluding Etarghi was a ‘harmful offender’ who was answerable for ‘managed and excessive brutality and bodily violence of a most callous and horrifying kind.’

The courtroom heard a resident discovered her unconscious and bare from the waist down at round 4.40am after the assault, affected by a number of accidents. She was rushed to hospital — [and] ‘miraculously’ survived after present process life-saving surgical procedure and remains to be recovering.

Talking in a sufferer affect assertion, the sufferer mentioned: ‘If I may describe the previous couple of months, I might say they’ve been hell. It’s like one thing out of a horror movie. It’s like one thing you see on the information that occurs to different folks. I now not really feel protected strolling to and from my dwelling, particularly late at evening. I continuously fear one thing goes to occur.’ (‘Savage’ rapist, 24, who shattered lady’s cranium throughout horrific assault in a youngsters’s play park then left her for lifeless is jailed for all times, The Each day Mail, twenty fifth March 2019)

Because of non-White migration, many British Whites have undergone experiences “like one thing out of a horror movie.” Chuck the Cuck has actually heard about a few of these experiences — the rape-gangs in Rotherham and the suicide-bombing in Manchester, for instance — however it has made no distinction to his minority worship. Certainly, I can see parallel between Chuck the Cuck and the Sudanese rapist Zakarya Etarghi. Each of them are clearly devoted to pursuing their very own pleasure at it doesn’t matter what the associated fee to others. Etarghi dedicated rape and Chuck the Cuck commits what I’ll name ethical masturbation, that’s, the self-pleasuring act of parading one’s advantage and minority-worship in public. When Chuck the Cuck tells low-IQ Sudanese that “I’m so glad you’re protected right here,” he doesn’t care concerning the unusual Whites who can be harmed by their presence. In any case, he wouldn’t be rewarded with leftist acclaim and progressive kudos for defending the pursuits of Whites. Quite the opposite, he could be condemned as a racist and bigot for doing that. Defending Whites would take braveness that he doesn’t possess and inflict prices that he isn’t ready to pay.

Crowning the Cuck

Chuck the Cuck will indulge in additional ethical masturbation throughout his coronation. It’s already been introduced that he’ll “put refugees and the [ethnically enriched] NHS [National Health Service] on the coronary heart of a various Coronation that can deliver the nation collectively in a three-day celebration designed to mirror fashionable, multi-cultural Britain.” Andrew Joyce has defined how a lot hurt non-Whites do to the NHS, however that makes no distinction to Chuck the Cuck. Now there are even experiences that the Church of England, no imply ethical masturbators themselves, are expressing doubts about the best way he desires to contain different religions within the coronation. I doubt that even Chuck the Cuck desires to be topped by the Chief Rabbi as a refrain of susceptible asylum-seekers chant “Allahu Akbar!” and wave the severed heads of various infidels. However he’ll need one thing not far off. Like his mom, he’s a devoted traitor to each the White British and to Christianity, the faith during which he was baptized and that he has sworn to defend.

No Christianity, but some grinning paganism: Chuck the Cuck’s coronation invitation with Green Man

No Christianity, however some grinning paganism: Chuck the Cuck’s coronation invitation with Inexperienced Man

And I ponder whether that betrayal of his faith is even worse than it seems. There are not any apparent Christian symbols on the invites he has issued for his coronation. However there’s an apparent pagan image: the Inexperienced Man on the backside. Is {that a} trace of the place Chuck the Cuck’s actual loyalties lie? That’s, is Chuck the Cuck not merely a shabbos-goy and traitor, however a literal worshiper of evil? Whether or not he’s or not, one factor is for certain. Just like the reign of Elizabeth the Evil, the reign of Chuck the Cuck can be pleasing to Devil, to not Jesus Christ.



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