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Harnessing Multi-Core Energy with Asyncio in Python | by Peng Qian | Might, 2023

Subsequent, let’s implement the multi-core asyncio code in line with the flowchart and see if the efficiency is improved.

Designing the general construction of the code

First, as an architect, we nonetheless want first to outline the general script construction, what strategies are required, and what duties every technique wants to perform:

The precise implementation of every technique

Then, let’s implement every technique step-by-step.

The query_concurrently technique will begin the desired batch of duties concurrently and get the outcomes by way of the asyncio.collect technique:

The run_batch_tasks technique shouldn’t be an async technique, as it’s began instantly within the baby course of:

Lastly, there’s our most important technique. This technique will name the loop.run_in_executor technique to have the run_batch_tasks technique execute within the course of pool and merge the outcomes of the kid course of execution into an inventory:

Since we’re writing a multi-process script, we have to use if __name__ == “__main__” to start out the primary technique in the primary course of:

Execute the code and see the outcomes

Subsequent, we begin the script and take a look at the load on every core within the process supervisor:

All cores are almost utilized.
All cores are virtually utilized. Picture by Writer

As you may see, all of the CPU cores are utilized.

Lastly, we observe the code execution time and ensure that the multi-threaded asyncio code does certainly velocity up the code execution by a number of occasions! Mission completed!

Nearly triple the performance boost!
Practically triple the efficiency enhance! Picture by Writer


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