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Historic Lies Used to Demonize a Traditional Historic Novel, by Paul Craig Roberts

Gone with the Wind now begins with a cautionary observe and a prolonged condemnation of “white supremacy”

That is an instance of the falsification of American historical past. Gone With The Wind, a basic love story set through the interval of the destruction by violence of the Accomplice States of America has been diminished by frauds to “white supremacy.”

The cowardly or brainwashed writer employed a nitwit tutorial to write down a preface deploring the evils of racism. Not solely is the basic e-book not about racism, slavery will not be racism. All races have been slaves. Historians have established that there have been way more white slaves than black ones.

It’s a historic indisputable fact that no Southern white ever enslaved a black slave. Giant southern plantations had work forces comprised of blacks enslaved by blacks in African slave wars and bought to Arabs and to Europeans, who introduced them to the brand new world which lacked a piece drive. The plantation house owners, a couple of of which had been black, owned blacks enslaved in Africa by blacks.

The producers of “racism” have turned bizarre phrases used for hundreds of years with no racist connotation into “hurtful and dangerous phrases and terminology.” Even “fats” and “ugly” at the moment are scrubbed as “offensive phrases.” In different phrases, bizarre descriptive phrases can’t be used.

An traditionally illiterate English novelist, Philippa Gregory, contributes to the despoliation of a beloved basic with an introductory essay to the e-book through which she declares that Gone With The Wind “defends racism and glamorizes and preaches white supremacy. It tells us, unequivocally, that African individuals are not of the identical species as white individuals.” Expensive silly Philippa Gregory, black African slave wars had been the supply of enslaved blacks. The enslaved blacks had been dropped at British colonies lengthy earlier than the existence of the USA and the Accomplice States. Did blacks enslave blacks as a result of blacks believed that African individuals are not of the identical species as white individuals?

For the Founding Fathers of the USA and for the South, slavery was an inherited establishment. The legality and ubiquitousness of slavery preceded the existence of all international locations within the New World.

How is it doable that info so properly documented could be changed with fraudulent historical past?




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