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Judaism as a Self-Terminating Faith, by Nick Kollerstrom

Unfaithful tales exist at every finish of Jewish historical past’s three thousand years – fictional, fabricated and of immense magnitude. We could begin within the tenth century BCE, the place archaeologists have after diligent examine discovered no hint of King Solomon, his Temple or his empire. Half a century of intensive excavation of the Holy Land has now reached that conclusion. The alleged mighty empire of David and Solomon, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates – on the idea of which the trendy state of Israel was shaped – didn’t exist. In the meantime the Bible makes no point out of the good empire of Egypt, which actually did in that interval stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates. This stuff have to be relegated to storyland, like Moses parting the Purple Sea. Consultants had been lastly attaining this damaging conclusion as the brand new millennium dawned, e.g. –

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Moses, Wikipedia assures us, is only a fable. ‘The Exodus’, historically the idea of Jewish self-identity and the most-told narrative within the western world, spawns nice conferences which have a tendency to finish up with the identical threefold negation:

  • no proof for the Youngsters of Israel in Egypt or escaping therefrom,
  • no proof of their trekking throughout the Sinai desert
  • no proof of them storming into Canaan and conquering the locals.

In fashionable instances, Jews got land in Palestine and referred to as it ‘Israel.’ Impressed by an amazing hope, their conviction was that archaeology would validate their epic historical past, because it had unfolded by previous millennia. They went to work with a trowel in a single hand and the Bible within the different however acquired an enormous shock. The Holy Land did certainly divulge to them centuries of religious monotheism through the time recorded by their historical scriptures – however, it was a reverence for the Goddess, as proven by the hundreds of collectible figurines dug up in every single place in Judea the place they excavated. They had been all comparable with head, torso and enormous bare breasts. Nor might any hint be discerned of a fierce invasion of Canaan by the Youngsters of Israel as their texts averred, plus the odd document of their Jehovah-god had him with a accomplice, his ‘Asherath.’

It was found that, within the tenth century BCE there had been an intensive drought (the ‘Mycenaean Drought’ which unfold throughout the entire Jap Mediterranean, lasting for a few centuries, which induced many farms and villages to be deserted. Jerusalem, constructed on a mountain, had little by the use of water provide or fertile land and should effectively have then been uninhabited, or at greatest it was a small village promoting olives – that’s all. It had no king as a result of there have been no kingdoms. Solely a century later did the little kingdoms in Canaan – viz. Judea, Ephraim, Samaria/Israel, Moab and Edom, and many others. – begin to develop, because the drought eased off and the grip of Egypt’s empire weakened. The principle cities having temples had been then Samaria and Megiddio however not Jerusalem – the latter solely grew into the thriving capital metropolis of Judea a number of centuries later.

Historical Israel was typically referred to as Samaria and the Assyrians alluded to it because the land of Omri or Omrides, king Omri being its first king. ‘Israel’ could have been extra the identify of a folks than a nation-state. As a area West of the river Jordan – south of Galilee and north of Ephraim and Judea – it was worn out ceaselessly in 720 BCE after it made the error of difficult the mighty Assyrian empire. Israel was defeated and absorbed by the Assyrian military, then Hebrews began shifting south to Judea which grew sturdy and affluent.

Hebrew scriptures informed of a brutal god:

Something dedicated to destruction is most holy to the Lord

(Leviticus 27:28) and gave heroic-but-fictional accounts of the wiping out cities, slaying of armies, grabbing the loot, and many others., with a god always reassuring them that they had been the apple of His eye and inherently superior to different peoples.

That narrative, whereby they had been chosen, has been disintegrating through the 20th century. The hope on the basis of contemporary Israel is within the strategy of self-extinguishing, as the complete implications of the entire history-that-never-happened proceed to unfold. The discovered opus by professor Shlomo Sand, The Invention of the Jewish Folks, effectively reviewed this strategy of self-knowledge, a strategy of cultural implosion, of apprehending that which had not traditionally existed.

Jews immediately hardly consider any longer within the god of Deuteronomy or Leviticus. To cite the view of a contemporary Egyptologist:

The foundations he [Yahweh] laid down … had been draconian within the excessive, and the deity’s will totally barbaric. Alien teams whose actions and even presence had been deemed in opposition to Israel are consigned to genocidal slaughter on the behest of Yahweh (Exod. 17:14; Num. 31; 1 Sam. 15:3); even fraternization with foreigners brings the plague (Num. 25:9, 18). Anybody who dissents Yahweh burns up (Num. 11:1-3; 16:35); anybody who complains he strikes with plague (Num. 11:33; 14:37; 16:49), or sends toxic snakes after (Num. 21:6). Aberrant cultic practices, though indulged in innocently, deliver dying (Exod. 32:35; Num. 15 :37-40).

With perception of their Yahweh god fading, can their collective id endure?

The science of genetics appeared to come to the rescue, and the seek for an ‘Abraham gene’ was on. Or, wouldn’t it merely present that European Jews had come from Khazaria, an empire on the steppes of Russia which broke up within the tenth century, as Arthur Koestler had argued? Koestler’s thesis stays reasonably credible, although the historic document is scant: ‘Khazaria collapsed a while earlier than the primary indications of the presence of Jews in Jap Europe, and it’s troublesome to not join he two.” (Sand, p.246)

As regards the genetic research, Shlomo Sand reckoned that, “The underside line is that, after all of the expensive ‘scientific’ endeavors, a Jewish particular person can’t be outlined by any organic standards in anyway.” (Sand, p.278) Fashionable Israel had turn into, Sand concluded,

‘a state whose fundamental function is to serve, not a civil-egalitarian demos, however a biological-religious ethnos that’s wholly fictitious. (p.307)

He was uncertain, as as to whether that might endure.

Jews have at all times had a robust collective being. As an mental and cosmopolitan folks they have an inclination to lack an inherent connection to a land, a rustic, a geography. Their self-perception is a continuous merry-go-round as to whether or not they exist as a race, nation or faith. The Hebrew script does prolong proper again to the 8th century BCE being one of many very first alphabetical scripts and the one one which has endured for thus lengthy. It’s their story which unfolds over millennia that confers upon them their ‘we,’ binding them collectively. Their energy comes from getting others to consider it.

Immediately, pleasure thrums across the so-called Temple Mount in Jerusalem the place Jews plan to construct the Third Temple. Absolutely they can not achieve this as a result of no ‘First Temple’ ever existed, no temple was ever constructed on that web site. No Hebrew temple was constructed on the high of a mountain, whereas the Romans at all times constructed their forts on the highest level of a locality. That giant, flat floor of 35 acres was constructed as the positioning of the Roman Tenth Legion and has amazingly lasted for 2 thousand years. There by no means was a Temple of Solomon or ruins thereof on it or beneath it. That wall the Jews pray to is the facet of a fort the place dwelt the Tenth Legion – the one which helped to wipe out 1,000,000 Jews in 70 AD.

This may very well be a time for Christians to concentrate to the verse “Don’t consider the tales of the Jews’ (Titus 1:14).

Evaluating the land of Israel because it was shaped in 1949 (see map) with the traditional land, one notes with amusement that the so-called ‘West Financial institution’ space, the place historical Israel did truly exist (see map) was excluded! That signifies a level of historic confusion. Additionally, how come they bought to say that enormous chunk of the Sinai desert, nowhere close to both historical Israel or Judea?

Three millennia later, we arrive at a comparably huge untruth. The story of the Holocaust served to confer upon Jews their particular ‘chosen’ id within the 20th century. It got here to the rescue, by using a dualism whereby the Nazis of WW2 had been Evil, and the Jews whom they focused had been Good. That Manichean dualism of good-versus-evil was established on the post-war Nuremberg trials, since when it has been promulgated relentlessly by the leisure trade. If Jews had been rounded up by the evil Nazis, then by that fashionable secular criterion they might re-emerge because the Chosen Ones. It’s fairly easy, simply watch Stephen Spielberg.

This theme has been explored in Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who?:

Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the thinker who was an observant orthodox Jew, informed me as soon as: “The Jewish faith died 200 years in the past. Now there may be nothing that unifies the Jews around the globe aside from the Holocaust” Keep in mind what? Keep in mind how? Uri Avnery 19.3.05

[N.B., Atzmon, a Sephardic Jew who grew up in Israel and served in the IDF, was found guilty of ‘antisemitism’ in Marylebone Magistrate’s court – sued successfully by the Campaign Against Antisemitism! It was surreal: those guys just don’t know when to stop.]

In the direction of the tip of the 20th century as perception within the origin tales was fading away, the Holohoax morphed right into a fearsome fashionable faith, wherein perception is obligatory. As a passport of id it confers upon Jews a unity and reinforces their particular standing. These days a mere statue of Anne Frank can conjure up the narrative.

How nice an impact does such an untruth exert upon our world! As a science historian I attraction for a recognition of the way in which wherein regular hygiene expertise did then function, within the German labour-camps. Debate on this subject is prohibited as a result of the Institution is aware of that it’ll lose the argument. As to why they should grasp onto it, allow us to have the braveness to reply that query.

Actually, in WW2 the lethal Nazi cyanide fuel chambers had been best they usually killed thousands and thousands. Sure. They killed thousands and thousands of bugs, not jews. Is it not time Jews stopped making an attempt to confuse themselves with bugs? It’s undignified. Due to their excessive IQ their continuous declare that it was they, not bugs, that the Zyklon killed continues to warp our complete tradition.

Take the truth that round 40% of labour-camp inmates had been Jewish. That’s insufferable, and why is it insufferable? We’re not allowed to debate it though it comes from public-domain data. It’s insufferable as a result of it will destroy the ‘chosen’ standing of Jews. They comprised lower than half of the camp inmates. However that might imply they had been not particular. Whereas, it’s OK to say that homosexuals had been rounded up and likewise doomed to enter the ‘dying camps.’ They’re allowed to share the advantage of being rounded up by Ze Evil Nazis. They will take part within the fictional narrative as a result of they’d be only a few in relation to the Jews and so their imaginary presence wouldn’t invalidate the holy, sacred doom of the Jews.

Or, take one other easy reality: mortality of Jews within the camps was on common no totally different from different inmates, i.e. general, they died at a lot the identical fee. It’s (I recommend) preferable to keep away from giving numbers, so relentless has been the psychological programming in that realm. Folks have padlocked minds and also you’ll solely get a brief soundbite on the matter, if that. Nonetheless if humanity needs a constructive future it must endure open dialogue on this subject, painful although it could be. Let’s be crystal-clear that the Revisionist goes to win any such debate. Do that for a brief soundbite: ‘Extra Catholics than Jews died at Auschwitz.’ Easy information like this might (I recommend) be efficient. Or for those who choose to keep away from utilizing the J-word, how about: no person died of fuel in WW2; or perhaps: ‘Giant human fuel chambers have by no means existed in human historical past .’ Such easy affirmations can clear away worry and horror. Or, an allusion to the color pink needs to be pretty non-threatening, perhaps? Attempt saying, ‘Disgrace they bought the color improper’. Demise by cyanide leaves a brilliant pink physique, a results of its oxygen-denial mechanism and there was not a single allusion to a pink corpse in any German labour-camp made at Nuremberg, or anyplace else. Unhealthy science – they bought the color improper! Or, do this quick quip utilized by Kevin Barrett: As soon as Zyklon began to be launched into the German labour-camps, in the summertime of 1942, mortality went down, not up.

These soundbites are quick sufficient that you just would possibly simply be capable of get them in earlier than the important thing of the psychological padlock is turned.

Christians have to apprehend that it isn’t a advantage to consider in that which by no means existed. That received’t save your soul. At each ends of the superb three-thousand years of Jewish historical past are large phantoms, imaginations which we the Goyim have been led to consider. That which by no means was, which by no means had existence is inscribed as reality in books the entire world over. We’d like a collective remedy expertise of discussing What Actually Occurred. Solely the ability of Reality can save us now. Are we able to that?

Judaism we could conclude should inevitably self-terminate on this 21st century, merely due to the mental energy of contemporary Jews, who can’t hope to keep away from seeing how their identity-defining narratives have disintegrated. They had been large tales, however had been by no means true.

Related texts: Shlomo Sand, Invention of the Jewish Folks 1999; Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who? 2011; John Tiffany, Fountain of Fairytales a Scholarly Romp by the Previous Testomony, 2013; N.Okay. Breaking the Spell, the Holocaust Delusion and Actuality, 2014.


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For the altering zeitgeist on this subject, evaluate Ron Unz’s 2017 article together with his more moderen



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