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The Quantum Revolution is Virtually Upon Us

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT:  The potential of quantum is unquestioned, and far-reaching.  It might create unbreakable encryption (and render present encryption strategies ineffective), propel advances in synthetic intelligence, and even speed up the event of medicine and medical therapies.  That broad sweep of attainable outcomes explains why investments are pouring into the sphere from across the globe.  And as governments and firms announce new initiatives and techniques for quantum, particularly intense is the R&D going down in three sectors – quantum computing, sensors, and communications.

THE BIG QUESTIONS:  As the worldwide race for quantum breakthroughs intensifies, what would be the influence on economies, nationwide safety, and life on the planet? Who will, and who won’t, profit economically from quantum advances?  And what’s the potential for world powers to enter into an unprecedented period of “quantum warfare”?

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