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US Media Admits F-16s Aren’t Actually Going to Assist the Ukraine Very A lot, by Andrew Anglin

This has all grow to be a whole joke.

I’m not fairly properly satisfied that the one factor driving the continuation of this conflict is the arms business eager to get US tools blown up to allow them to change it with new and dearer tools. Past that, there seems to be a mechanism of funneling cash to different people, not the least of which being by means of Blackrock funding. It’s all simply corruption, which solely serves people, and never the collective pursuits of the American Empire.

That is clearly backed up by a bunch of Jews who’re devoted, physique and soul, to destroying Russia as revenge for alleged slights that occurred lots of of years in the past.

Nonetheless, not all of the Jews are even on-board anymore. I wouldn’t even say most of them are. Antony Blinken himself has appeared more and more nervous, and plenty of Jewish publications are clearly getting very nervous.

However right here’s the factor: when you might have an evil system run by individuals who serve evil, the one factor you should utilize to prepare a cohesive agenda is blackmail. Individuals who serve evil are purely egocentric, so if you must manage them round an agenda, you must meet their egocentric needs. Subsequently the one efficient mechanism is corruption.

They began this conflict to attempt to get Russia’s financial system to break down. They bought all the ability individuals on board by making it clear everybody was going to get wealthy. The plan to break down Russia’s financial system failed utterly – however everybody continues to be getting wealthy. So the conflict simply retains going, regardless of the very fact it’s not within the pursuits of the Evil Empire to maintain it going, as a result of it’s nonetheless serving the egocentric pursuits of all these individuals earning money.


Whereas potential Western deliveries of US-designed F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine will assist improve Kiev’s fight capabilities, they received’t be a “sport changer” in its battle with Russia, Bloomberg reported on Sunday, citing a number of pilots who had flown the plane.

In accordance with the company, the F-16s that may very well be despatched to Ukraine “will nonetheless have inferior radar and shorter vary missiles” than a lot of Russia’s fashionable plane and air protection methods. Which means that these planes will both be deployed defensively, or used as a part of high-risk operations, the report says.

Brynn Tannehill, who designed simulators for the planes, instructed the outlet that for Ukrainian pilots switching from Soviet-era plane over to F-16s could be as if “they pushed the simple button.” Nonetheless, “you may’t overcome the legal guidelines of physics,” she added.

In accordance with John Venable, a former F-16 pilot with the US Air Drive, ought to Ukrainians fly near the entrance line, they might obtain a sign that they’d been detected by Russian radars lengthy earlier than they might be in place to fireside on their targets.

He added that Ukrainian pilots might use hilly terrain to sidestep detection – and thus destruction – whereas approaching their targets, however they must rapidly climb at a steep angle, shoot, after which duck for canopy once more. Nonetheless, such techniques imply that the F-16s “aren’t going to be hitting something,” Venable stated.

Furthermore, based on Dan Hampton, one other veteran fight pilot, it might even be impractical to make use of F-16s to shoot down Russian cruise missiles, as there would solely be a small window after the projectile is fired and detected however earlier than it reaches its goal. Deployment of F-16s on this capability would require them to remain within the air for hours whereas ready for the best second, he defined.

The pilots’ evaluation echoes a press release by US Air Drive chief Frank Kendall, who stated earlier this month that F-16 deliveries wouldn’t mark a turning level within the Ukraine battle, provided that air energy has not performed a vital position within the hostilities.

So, if each skilled agrees – a minimum of each skilled not on the payroll of the arms contractors agrees – they’re probably not going to do something, then why is the US sending in F-16s?

The one logical clarification is that they’re sending them in for the aim of being blown up by Russians, to allow them to get replaced.

You possibly can go on OpenSecrets.org and search for the entire individuals in Congress aggressively shilling this conflict, and you’ll find they’re all on the payroll of the protection contractors or another group that’s earning money within the Ukraine.



On high of that, you might have presents, insider buying and selling, and so forth. America is essentially the most corrupt nation on the planet – the truth that they legalized bribery and known as it “contributions” doesn’t imply it’s not bribery.

I’ve stated many instances that the lifespan of any complicated system that runs on whole corruption, with none uniting excellent corresponding to faith or nationalism, is brief.

This empire actually does look like exhausting itself within the Ukraine as a result of they’re unable to show off the stream of cash into the palms of people, as a result of there may be merely no will to do this. None of those individuals actually care about forcing the world to have homosexual anal intercourse with one another (or a minimum of, most of them don’t – presumably a number of the Jews and ladies truly do care about that), they care concerning the cash they’re getting for cooperating with this plan.

Additional Questions

We nonetheless don’t know who’s going to be flying these planes. You possibly can’t simply prepare somebody up in a few days. They’re extraordinarily difficult machines.

Furthermore, it’s not clear the place they’re going to take off and land from. The Ukrainians have been doing this on the street with their MiGs.

It might be humorous to see an F-16 try this. But when these planes grow to be an issue, Russia can simply simply put a crater in each stretch of street lengthy sufficient to function a runway.



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