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Very Temporary Notes on Types of Human Group, & c.; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-08 Sa

Eight “primitives” for types of human group:

  1. Reciprocity

  2. Propaganda

  3. Redistribution

  4. Hierarchy

  5. Status/honor

  6. Forms

  7. Market financial system

  8. Algorithm

Six “patterns” for the large-scale group of societies which have been tried since 1870:

  1. Pseudo-classical semi-liberalism

  2. Actually-existing socialism

  3. Fascism-Cæsarism

  4. The New Deal Order/social democracy

  5. The Neoliberal Order

  6. Socialism with Chinese language Traits (i.e.: Leninist State Capitalism with Egalitarian Aspirations and Chinese language Traits)

Ten “modes of manufacturing” (together with distribution, communication, and domination):

  1. Agrarian-Age Stone (“Tribal”)

  2. Agrarian-Age Bronze

  3. Agrarian-Age Iron (“Historic”)

  4. Late Agrarian-Age Feudal-Royal

  5. Imperial-Industrial Society

  6. Steampower and Machine

  7. Utilized Science

  8. Mass Manufacturing

  9. World Worth-Chain

  10. Information-Biotech


What a life expectancy map tells us concerning the state of the US proper now:

Quite a few you could have seen this map that has been doing the rounds of social media and op-ed pages over the previous few weeks: It tells a stark story of well being inequality—”probably the most surprising and probably the most inhumane” type of injustice, as Martin Luther King, Jr. as soon as stated, with nearly twenty years of anticipated life separating the coastal states from the crimson …

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Share Brad DeLong’s Greedy Actuality

Dram, I think that Dan Drezner is mistaken right here. There’s a massive distinction between a, in Mancur Olson’s formulation, “stationary bandit” who rationally seeks to exploit you and understands the state of affairs on the one hand, and a chaos monkey in it for the LULZ on the opposite. Definitely there will be no person on the planet proper now who believes that placing extra of their eggs into Musk’s twitter basket is a good suggestion. In contrast, there are many individuals who discover paying the Google or the Fb or the Apple or the Amazon tax worthwhile, and are deepening their dedication to the platform. I believe that distinction will, in the long term, inform:

Daniel W. Drezner: Even severe abuses of energy don’t all the time topple a strong community: ‘Elon Musk determined that he was not disrupting Twitter sufficient… blocked individuals who use Substack from embedding tweets into their tales… blocking engagement on tweets containing hyperlinks to Substack…. Matt Taibbi… went from telling MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan that he likes Elon Musk and didn’t wish to criticize him to confirming Musk’s paranoia about Substack Notes and posting that he could be, “staying at Substack, and leaving Twitter, I suppose.”… Musk unfollowed Taibbi’s Twitter account…. So, to sum up: after a number of strikes which have shed payroll but in addition destabilized Twitter’s platform, Musk has now focused the very impartial writers who’re probably to offer content material for Twitter, thereby making certain much more folks exiting the location. At this level I’m starting to marvel if Musk is making an attempt to memorialize himself right into a Harvard Enterprise College case research of what not to do when operating a social media firm…. However… Casey Newton… how troublesome it has been and can be for some to go away the hen web site…. It’s actually, actually troublesome to exit from the dominant community. Easy inertia is a strong drive…. It takes an terrible lot of self-inflicted harm to weaken established order networks…

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Nassim Taleb, Tracy Alloway, & Joe Weisenthal: <>

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  • Daron Acemoglu: In Search of a New Political Economic system: ‘The late-twentieth-century assumption that democracy and markets would finally triumph in every single place has since been met by an mental backlash that’s much more wrong-headed. To chart a greater path ahead, we might want to revise our pondering in a number of coverage domains directly…

  • Todd Woody: The Ultimate Mission for a California Navy Base: Change into Housing:

    ‘The US Navy shuttered the Harmony Naval Weapons Station in 2008, however plans to redevelop it for climate-friendly properties and a park are transferring slowly…

  • Dan Pfeiffer: Elon Musk Declares Conflict on Impartial Writers: ‘Twitter’s new “coverage” goes to harm a number of writers doing essential work…. Presently, it’s nonetheless doable to share hyperlinks to Substack content material [on Twitter] if they’re put via a hyperlink shortener…. That is all so silly… however what else must you anticipate from Elon Musk?…

  • Harrison W. Chase: ‘@LangChainAI, beforehand @robusthq @kensho MLOps ∪ Generative AI ∪ sports activities analytics…

  • Full Stack Deep Studying

  • Ayushi Batwari & al.: Origin: ‘Constructing the way forward for customized browsers with LLMs…

  • Amanda Holpuch: New Mexico Police Fatally Shoot Man After Responding to Mistaken Home: ‘Responding to a name at 5308 Valley View… knocked on the entrance door at 5305 Valley View… fatally shot Robert Dotson, 52, after they “mistakenly approached” his house round 11:30 p.m. and he opened his display door armed with a handgun…

  • Yastreblansky: Disorganized Crime: ‘Peter Baker and Susan Glasser[‘s]… The Divider… dedicated to exhibiting how laborious administration Republicans have been prepared to work to save lots of us all from Trump so it is actually all OK…

  • Jonah Goldberg: The Ties That Blind: ‘Younger conservatives… suppose being shabby is regular and sensible…

Paul Krugman: The bizarre new warfare on “woke” cash: ‘On March 20, DeSantis, talking from a podium bearing an indication studying “Large Brother’s Digital Greenback,” introduced that he plans to introduce laws that will ban Floridians from making use of a digital forex issued by the federal authorities…. “One of many issues we’re gonna ban in Florida this yr is the concept of a Central Financial institution Digital Forex that they’re making an attempt to do. his is one thing the place they need the Fed to regulate a digital greenback. And guess what’ll occur? They’re gonna to attempt to impose an ESG agenda via that. You go and use an excessive amount of fuel, they’re gonna cease it, they’re not going to honor the transaction since you’ve already purchased greater than what they suppose. You wish to go purchase a rifle they’re gonna say no, you will have too lots of these, you possibly can’t do it. So it’s ceding the ability of our monetary freedom to a central financial institution which doesn’t have our curiosity at coronary heart. So I believe all states have to band collectively, have to say we’re not doing this Central Financial institution Digital Forex. We’re gonna allow you to be answerable for your individual funds. What we have now seen, whether or not it’s schooling, whether or not it’s the forms, whether or not it’s company America, is there’s a left-wing agenda that’s being imposed on our society, and in Florida, we simply stated no. We stated we acknowledge this as a menace throughout the board and we pledged to combat the woke within the faculties, we pledged to combat the woke within the firms, we pledged to combat the woke within the halls of the legislature. Florida won’t ever, ever give up to the woke mob as a result of our state is the place woke goes to die”…

Johnny Evans: Apple’s M3 chip is a much bigger deal than you may suppose: ‘TSMC held a ceremony Dec. 29 at its Fab 18 new building web site within the Southern Taiwan Science Park to announce mass manufacturing of 3nm chips had begun, estimating these would ship $1.5 trillion income throughout the subsequent 5 years. Subsequently, Digitimes claimed Apple bought chip producer TSMC’s total yield of 3nm processors, giving it a novel place as the one producer capable of ship cell gadgets and computer systems outfitted with 3nm chips in mass market portions. That funding issues as a result of it additionally offers Apple entry to a transparent path towards future enhancements in its chips. In a assertion, TSMC stated: “In contrast with the 5nm (N5) course of, TSMC’s 3nm course of affords as much as 1.6X logic density acquire and 30-35% energy discount on the similar velocity, and helps the modern TSMC FINFLEX structure”…

Jaewon Shin & al.: Scale and information-processing thresholds in Holocene social evolution: ‘Societies developed further layers of administration and extra information-rich devices for managing and recording transactions and occasions as they grew in inhabitants and territory. But, whereas such will increase appear inevitable, they don’t seem to be. Right here we use the Seshat database to analyze the event of a whole lot of polities, from a number of continents, over 1000’s of years. We discover that sociopolitical growth is dominated first by development in polity scale, then by enhancements in data processing and financial techniques, after which by additional will increase in scale. We thus outline a Scale Threshold for societies, past which development in data processing turns into paramount, and an Info Threshold, which as soon as crossed facilitates further development in scale. Polities diverge in socio-political options beneath the Info Threshold, however reconverge past it. We advise a proof for the evolutionary divergence between Previous and New World polities based mostly on phased development in scale and knowledge processing. We additionally recommend a mechanism to assist clarify social collapses with no evident exterior causes…

Dylan John Riley: Drowning in Deposits: ‘We should converse clearly to the part of the left that is likely to be described as ‘neo-Kautskyite’…. The Biden Administration is on no account a rerun of… Clinton-Obama…. Their honest want is to create well-paid jobs and inexperienced the financial system…. The issue is that neither the Biden administration, nor the neo-Kautskyites, have a reputable reply to the structural logic of capital…. What the planet and humanity want is very large funding in low-return, low-productivity actions: care, schooling and environmental restoration. Capital is incapable of doing this. It seeks ‘worth’ which these sectors battle to provide. The underlying cause is clear: neither well being, nor tradition, nor the umwelt operate very properly as commodities…

Nina Quinn Eichacker: Eager about “Drowning in Deposits”: ‘To Riley’s level that “neither the Biden administration, nor the neo-Kautskyites, have a reputable reply to the structural logic of capitalism,” since a profitable end result of huge state push to extend industrial capability would inevitably create a world bubble in inexperienced tech, initially, we needs to be so fortunate! I’m unsure how Riley supposes progressives or the state will drive corporations to begin producing low-cost daycare, photo voltaic panels, and extra; a cursory learn of US historical past reveals that moments of the perfect successes for labor have occurred when the state and enterprise have labored collectively… via industrial coverage with a large scope…. Critiqu[ing] how our authorities motivates corporations to contribute to the general public good; to do both requires left consideration to industrial coverage, if we might have future efforts higher than prior ones…

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