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What Is the Dumbest Factor the Empire Desires Us to Consider?, by Kevin Barrett

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In keeping with Caitlin Johnstone, “The Single Dumbest Factor the Empire Asks Us to Consider is that the navy encirclement of its prime two geopolitical rivals is a defensive motion, moderately than an act of maximum aggression.” Of the “many silly narratives” our rulers inflict on us, she says, this one “takes the cake.”

Nicely, perhaps it takes one of many desserts. However there are a complete lot of different desserts to be taken by the lengthy record totally idiotic slogans and narratives proffered by our rulers, who clearly take sadistic pleasure in insulting our intelligence. Fairly than nominate certainly one of them because the paragon of uber-stupidity, I’ll flip to the proverbial knowledge of crowds, and ask my readers to vote for his or her alternative of probably the most moronic concept that the empire asks us to simply accept.

What’s the dumbest factor the empire desires us to consider? Take the survey!

I ignored fairly a number of silly issues, so should you suppose certainly one of my oversights deserves the crown, simply go away a response within the feedback part.

The Dumbest Factor Tony Fauci Desires Us to Consider

A number of the dumb issues the empire desires us to consider may be credited (ahem) to Anthony Fauci. “Material masks impede transmission of airborne viruses” and “mRNA vaccines are protected and efficient” are each contenders. But it surely appears to me that Fauci surpassed himself along with his latest declare that “all the intelligence teams agree that this was not an engineered virus.” That, after all, is SO not true.

As Cat McGuire and I noticed on False Flag Weekly Information, Fauci subsequently engaged in Invoice Clinton fashion parsing of what “engineered” means. (“I did not have intercourse with that virus!”) The serial passage strategy of lab-engineering a lethal virus is just not actually “engineering,” Fauci insists, as a result of that method has existed for many years. Due to this fact, Fauci explains, COVID-19 was not “engineered,” even when it was created in a lab as a bioweapon, so we will all return to sleep and have nice goals about bats, pangolins, and raccoon canine.

“Neocons?! That’s So 2003!”

One other actually dumb factor the empire appears to need us to consider is that the neocons disappeared after the Cheney-Bush regime resulted in 2008. Right this moment, it’s liberals like Biden and Blinken in cost, proper?

In actual fact, as Ron Unz explains, the neocon regime by no means ended. Regardless of the utter fiascos they unleashed, beginning with 9/11 and the 9/11 wars, they not solely solidified their iron grip on energy, however achieve imposing their ideology on Washington, DC, like some form of poisonous miasma that settles on town and by no means goes away. Right this moment, neoconservatism is within the air policymakers breathe. It’s the water all Institution fish swim in, whether or not they discover it or not.

“Gender Is Not Organic”

Probably the most outstandingly clearly idiotic issues the empire is making an attempt to pressure the entire world to consider is that gender isn’t organic, it’s only a way of life alternative. Solely rabid conspiracy theorists like RFK Jr., who additionally thinks his dad and uncle have been murdered by conspiracies, would ever say that organic males shouldn’t be competing in ladies’s sports activities! And solely a loopy transphobe would questions whether or not toddlers needs to be subjected to genital mutilation primarily based on their alleged gender way of life selections.

“The Hunter Biden Laptop computer Story Is Russian Disinformation”

It was fairly apparent from the get-go that it actually was Hunter’s laptop computer. Hunter’s non-denial non-denials, amongst different issues, made that clear. But 51 former high-level intelligence officers have been corralled throughout the runup to the 2020 elections to lie and say the alternative. After which, lies upon lies, Anthony Blinken testified to Congress that he had by no means exchanged emails with Hunter Biden. That was a boldfaced lie. Mendacity to Congress is against the law, identical to mendacity to the FBI (ask Roger Stone). But for some motive Blinken continues to be at giant.

“Solely Russia Does False Flags”

This was the most important False Flag Weekly Information Story this week, however I’ve been saving it for final. Among the many actually dumb issues we’re purported to consider is that now that the 9/11 truthers have succeeded in pushing the expression false flag into on a regular basis parlance, we should always simply calm down and consider that solely the dastardly Vladamir Putin ever does such issues. Following the Might 3 drone assault on the Kremlin, the empire’s media went into full conspiracy idea mode.

If solely the mainstream media had lined 9/11 this skeptically, we’d be in a really totally different and vastly higher world at the moment.



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