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What Type of Future Do SubStack & Twitter Have?; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-10 Mo

The keen-eyed and extremely sharp Ben Thompson makes two critiques of SubStack right here, and I’ve a bone to choose with one among them:

Ben Thompson: Substack Notes, Twitter Blocks Substack, Substack Versus Writers: ‘Substack has rightly earned the love of a whole lot of writers… [who] need Substack to succeed…. [But it] is successfully asking for a donation from an viewers that nearly by definition doesn’t know any higher. That doesn’t appear very author pleasant! Nor, for that matter, does this combat with Twitter…. [The] product guess… makes a whole lot of sense: Substack must take large swings if it’s ever going to succeed in its valuation. Writers, although, who want Twitter’s distribution, didn’t join this combat; they’re merely caught within the center…

On the primary of those complaints, I feel Thompson is 99.99% appropriate. SubStack can hypnotize itself into considering that for its writers as a gaggle (though not for any particular person author) cash they contribute towards extending SubStack’s runway is a internet plus, provided that they’re already considerably reliant on SubStack. So SubStack can hypnotize itself into considering that it isn’t exploiting the goodwill of its writers by valuing any buy-in they make at peak bubble valuation. However they’re actually not sharing the upside the way in which they need to be since we are actually not in a -1%/12 months however in a +1%/12 months long-run safe-real interest-rate world. Bubble-time valuations have been loopy to being with. And duration-risk alone has lower the rational basic valuation of a 20-year period funding in half because the begin of 2021. Asking individuals to speculate with out dividing peak valuations by 4 is… not sharing, and SubStack actually needs to be in a sharing relationship reasonably than an ens—ification relationship with its writers:


On his second criticism… I feel Thompson is simply 0.01% appropriate. To begin with, SubStack didn’t choose a combat with Twitter. SubStack has a beta tab in its app that it’s experimenting with. The beta tab is a microblogging platform (versus the macroblogging platform that’s its flagship email-web-app tab prodcut) that appears like Twitter (reasonably than, say, microblog), however that would become any of a really big selection of issues, solely one among which is a full-out try to maneuver Twitter’s social-interaction graph and stream of messages over to SubStack.

Now Elon Musk reacted to this very unusually. He reacted by making an attempt to ban hyperlinks to and mentions of SubStack on Twitter, thus creating a considerable Streisand impact as thousands and thousands of people that would by no means have heard of SubStack Notes now have it of their minds as a possible someday-replacement for Twitter that they could like to take a look at, after which backing down from his bans, whereas in all probability persevering with an algorithmic-timeline shadow ban of SubStack from Twitter. Web impact on Elon Musk and Twitter? Unambiguously destructive, to but additional reinforce the true and apposite meme {that a} SuperClown has purchased what was already a clown automobile that fell right into a gold mine. (The final a part of which is a factor that Mark Zuckerberg might or might not have stated.) Web impact on SubStack? Unambiguously optimistic, to considerably elevate its salience. Web impact on SubStack’s writers? In all probability destructive, because the SubStack runway extension from the publicity might be outweighed by diminished usefulness to them of Twitter as an audience-attraction and audience-communication mechanism due to the algorithmic shadowbanning.

And but Ben Thompson sees this as SubStack’s fault? The implicit mannequin of Ben Thompson’s reasoning right here appears to be:

  • There are individuals who have, or assume they’ve, or need to have sturdy moats round a key location in a tech worth chain very invaluable to the patron wherein each different hyperlink has been commoditized, within the method that Microsoft and Intel held their twin monopolies within the x86 PC period.


  • Why not? As a result of then they’ll undertake steps to destroy the worth that you simply and your customers acquire, whether or not or not these steps truly assist them.

Thus Ben Thompson appears to assume not simply that (i) SubStack has a major responsibility to its writers however (ii) bears duty for the worth seize methods undertaken by others up-and-down the worth chain; but additionally that (iii) SubStack will (a) construct a Superintelligent AGI, (b) construct a working time machine, (c) transport that Superintelligent AGI again into the current, and (d) use that Superintelligent AGI to construct an correct predictive mannequin of a malevolent SuperClown Chaos Monkey newly on the wheel of the clown automobile that fell into the gold mine.

Maybe that is demanding an excessive amount of of SubStack?

Definitely I’d not have anticipated the SubStack Notes beta to have triggered the banning and shadowbanning that it has.

My view is that the suitable perspective to take is that this:

  • SuperClown Chaos Monkeys are going to clown, going to chaos, and going to monkey.

  • Provided that, everybody not simply adjoining to, however in the identical neighborhood, as Twitter must be working as laborious as they will.

  • Working at what? At constructing escape hatches, fallbacks, workarounds, and alternate options.

  • SubStack Notes is meant to be one such

  • SubStack Notes is suppposed to be a method that SubStack can maintain the method by which individuals uncover its newsletters sturdy in a post-Twitter flameout world.

  • A Twitter flameout appears extra possible with each passing day.

As my podcast co-host Noah Smith (and when are we going to document one other hexapodia?) stated, now greater than a 12 months in the past, he was rooting for Elon to purchase Twitter as a result of:

  1. Twitter was in a foul equilibrium.

  2. An Elon shake-up may effectively enhance it quite a bit.

  3. If Elon didn’t enhance it it will flame out, and much more healthy microblogging frameworks can be very more likely to develop within the ashes.

I feel it’s to say that the opportunity of (2) is now off the desk. However (1) and (3) nonetheless look fairly good to me…


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I see a tenfold improve within the productiveness of the everyday software program engineer from AI techniques over the subsequent decade—and I additionally see us as having already had a tenfold improve in productiveness since 1960:

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Kaushik Basu: How Singapore Impresses: ‘There are various causes for Singapore’s fast development over the previous six many years, however its authoritarian regime shouldn’t be essentially one among them. As a substitute, the city-state’s financial miracle has extra to do with its distinctive model of multiculturalism and enviable social cohesion…. Singapore’s fast development… excessive financial savings and funding charges, first-rate training system, and clever policymaking. The clever policymaking can come from an authoritarian chief, however there is no such thing as a causal hyperlink there…

Martin Wolf: The EU’s future in a world of deep dysfunction: ‘In adjusting to right this moment’s crises, the bloc must resolve whether or not it needs to be an ally, a bridge or an influence…. How may the EU, liberated from the inner obstacles created by a sovereignty-obsessed UK, reply to a world atmosphere so completely different from the one it hoped for some three many years in the past?… A task as a bridge would come naturally to an entity dedicated to the best of a rules-governed order. The query, although, is the best way to be a bridge in a deeply divided world wherein the EU is way nearer to at least one aspect than the opposite. The third various is to hunt to turn out to be an influence of the outdated variety in its personal proper, with sources dedicated to overseas and safety coverage commensurate with its scale. However for this to occur the EU would wish a far deeper political and likewise fiscal union. The obstacles to which are legion, together with deep mutual mistrust.

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