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Wings Over Scotland | Sing us a brand new one

As a result of this one’s fairly drained.

We heard it in 2019.

We heard it in 2017.

We heard it in 2015.

We heard it in 2014.

And alert readers would possibly discover that none of these issues occurred. The Tories gained in 2015, 2017 and 2019. The one time the SNP really did maintain the stability of energy was within the Brexit deal votes, and so they achieved exactly nothing with it. They didn’t cease a tough Brexit, and so they didn’t extract a single concession for Scotland, not to mention forestall it from being dragged out of the EU in opposition to its will.


And why didn’t they handle that? As a result of they had been so afraid of being seen to vote with the Tories on something – even when it was saving Scotland and the UK from a fair worse Brexit – that they didn’t even TRY to do a deal. Which instructed Labour that even when there’s a hung Parliament subsequent 12 months, they will name the SNP’s bluff and shout “1979!” once more and it’ll work.

All of which, after all, assumes the SNP would maintain the stability of energy. Its help is already falling perilously near the tipping level constructed into First Previous The Publish at which it could shed seats by the bucketload, and there are nothing however darkish ominous clouds on the horizon for the get together, with gender reform and the police investigation solely the most important tickets on an extended checklist of issues.

However frankly, so what? For the previous eight years, voting SNP at Westminster elections has been a whole waste of time. Certain, just a few dozen MPs and all their hangers-on have grow to be very comfortably off, however they haven’t given the UK authorities a single uncomfortable day. (Go on, see if you happen to can consider one.)

They’ll’t even pull off a stunt.

And now, as a result of they actually do assume you’re gullible idiots, they need you to consider that giving them another five-year time period on the trough will make all of the distinction. We’d have much more respect if they simply got here out and stated “Look, it’s us or Scottish Labour and so they’re much more ineffective than we’re”, however they’re so pathologically, reflexively allergic to the reality they gained’t even try this.

A plague on all of the betrayers.

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